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Planned Parenthood Chats

Merging two successful chat products into one seamless conversational experience to guide users to the help they need.


Planned Parenthood is 'America's most trusted provider of sexual and reproductive health'. Their website provides a wealth of resources and knowledge to inquisitive users. Two of those resources include chat-based products – Roo and Chat/Text.


Roo is an AI-based chatbot intended to serve the needs of teens while Chat/Text is the organization’s long-standing Human-powered chat service geared for more in-depth, sexual-related health conversations. 

Services Provided

Product Design

Competitive Analysis

Screen Flows


Usability Testing



Mobile (primary)

The Challenge

There was no clear distinction between the two products which led to confusion on which product to use. Additionally, there were a limited number of health educators available on Chat/Text and no patient journey in place to guide users to alternative options during long queues or unavailability.

My Approach

There had recently been a release called Unified Onboarding. This was the company's first version of combining both chat products into one service.


Upon joining the product team, I was given a walk-through of the current experience. They enlisted my expertise to help meet their KPIs and success metrics for the next quarter.

  • Improve product branding to better guide users to the most appropriate chat option(s) based on their needs.​

  • Streamline the patient wayfinding experience and conversion to Roo by 30% if health educators are unavailable.

  • Reduce friction that may occur when a user goes through the Roo or health educator journey.​

  • Decrease abandonment by 35% from users utilizing Roo and/or seeking a health educator.



To help inform my design decisions, I conducted various research strategies like a competitive analysis, content audits, client documentation immersion, and a workshop that included a journey map, user personas, and prioritization exercises. I also used existing data gathered from tools like Looker and Dovetail to further provide context into my rationale.

Additionally, I create a Roo Design Plan that outlined the journey of my process along with the corresponding documentation.

My Design Solutions

As Planned Parenthood's selected design partner, I redesigned a platform that successfully blends two chat services, re-established the company brand, and bridged the gap between user needs and educator availability. My redesign utilized user-centered design principles and a robust visual design system to ensure swift and assisted task flows for effective user results. We focused on visual context cues to guide the user given the high amount of information displayed.



Greater Visuals & Efficiency

  • Offers a more visually appealing interface with added banner, iconography, and color palette

  • Introduces a new status indicator that informs users of the availability of educators on the initial screen

  • Provides users with a brief description of each service and their respective value



A Simplified Approach

  • Combined 3 demographic screens into 1 simple screen

  • Reduced cognitive load by removing non-essential input fields

  • Minimalist design with shorter, more concise text on screens



Increased Visibility

  • Updated language and tone to be more conversational

  • Added chat schedule modal for users to remain informed about educator availability during offline hours

  • Provides users with more visibility of on demand alternative options for their needs

Frame 1(2).png

Outcome & Success Metrics

Shortly after Planned Parenthood Chat’s launch, I collaborated with the Data Analytics team and began quickly gathering data, metrics, and feedback from users to see how the new design was impacting their experience. I was overjoyed to learn the following:

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 11.47.15 PM.png

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