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Shoot United

A platform providing foundational information and educational content for potential shooters to explore and confidently build their craft.


Winchester Ammunition is a manufacturer of ammo for all shooting activities including hunting, sport, target and personal defense. In recent years, more people (specifically a more diverse set of people) showed interest in getting into the category than ever before. In response, Winchester Ammunition planned to launch an initiative that would give potential shooters the foundational information and educational content they need to confidently explore and participate.


UX Design Consultancy
Product Strategy


HLK Agency


Birth of Shoot United

Winchester provided a brief highlighting the desired components of the site. In the brief, it was the company's goal to support early adopters and form relationships to convert them to long-term customers.


As their UX Consultant, my primary goal was to create a logical, user-friendly way to organize the new content on the landing page of their existing website.

Creating a scalable product

Winchester proposed a phased approach and needed a site that was scalable and would allow other resources to be added in the future.


Phase 1 - Now:

Homepage (Intro, sizzle reel, mission)

About Page

Learn Page (Masterclass-like videos)

Watch (Short films, entertainment)

Read (Page for blog content)

Where To Shoot

Where To Hunt

Where to Buy Ammo

Phase 2 - Future:

Listen Page (Podcasts and other audio)

Personal Defense Subpage (Learning videos)

Hunting Subpage (Learning videos)

Organization is key

After researching educational sites and other products that launched initiatives, I began brainstorming the best way to structure the site. By using their list of content and keeping in mind the future content that will be added, I designed a sitemap that captured the full site for both phases.

Creating a foundation

I created a total of 7 wireframes that captured the business requirements as well as components from their existing website that users tended to utilize frequently. By leaning on data from their current site, I was able to start the product off in the right direction. I ensured that my layout was user-friendly, told a story, and kept users engaged.

Setting the tone

After testing the wireframes, receiving feedback, and iterating on the designs, it was time to set the look and feel for Shoot United. Based on the color palette of the Winchester home site, I leaned into that style and selected a theme that was rugged, bold, and 'outdoorsy'.

Launching Shoot United

Winchester successfully launched Shoot United which was widely communicated in various sporting, hunting, and gun communities. The site gained thousands of new sign-ups for its email subscription within the first live month. The site offers a minimalistic design while telling the background and mission of the initiative. From sizzle reels to filtered reading resources, Shoot United offers a one-stop shop for all thing shooting.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10.50.00 PM.png

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