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A simple, iterative, and flexible approach.

I'm intentional about designing the right solution for the right opportunity. In order to ensure the efficacy of each step, I utilize a proven process that yields the most valuable results.


Discover + Identify

To kick off our collaborative effort, I begin by getting a solid understanding of your business and product goals. I explore and collect relevant information like customer trends, user data and research, feedback stats, and demos to identify areas of opportunity.


What is the company's background and vision?

What are the business goals and requirements?

Do the business goals support the user goals?

How is product success measured?


How and why do users currently use your product?

Who is the target audience?

What user goal is your product fulfilling?

What do users like/dislike about your product?


Def ine + Ideate

Drawing on what's uncovered and learned during the discovery phase, I synthesize the data and strategically map out the focus area of the findings. Here is where the magic happens - the solution is defined, a roadmap of the end goal is presented, and brainstorming & ideation can ensue.

Problem Statement

What are the major pain points of your product?

Why do these pain points exist?

What is the impact to your business & users?

Existing Solution

What is the current method and user flow?

What are the benefits, drawbacks, and limitations?

How might we improve the existing product?


Design + Iterate

This is where the visual aspect comes to life as I bring in all the data and research to create the product! By utilizing empathy and cognitive science, I create wireframes and designs that focus on fulfilling business and user needs while making sure it's visually appealing.

Product Design

How would users expect the product to look & feel?

What is the current style or design system?

What are the must-have features for the MVP?

Feedback Loop

Does the prototype perform the intended action?

Can users easily accomplish their goals?

Is the navigation and user flow intuitive?


Deliver + Impress

After iterating on the designs and incorporating user & stakeholder feedback, we now have a design that solves user pain points and helps them easily accomplish their goals while increasing your business value. At this point, we decide how the new product will be developed and launched.

Product Goals

The product/feature is helpful, engaging & easy to use.

New users see the value in the product/new feature.

Users consistently return to complete a key action.


Net Promoter Score

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Conversion Rate

Product goals? Let's make it happen.

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