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Growing Rural

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Product Design 

Content Strategy

A digital hub highlighting Microsoft's programs, contributions, and partnerships with communities

and residents of rural America.

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Planned Parenthood Chats


UX Strategy

Visual Identity

Merging two successful chat products into one seamless conversational experience to guide users to the help they need. 

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Roundup Ready System of Choice


Content Strategy

An enhanced landing page that improves conversion, reorganizes content, and allows for more personalized navigation.

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Agronomy Library


Visual Identity

Optimizing a resource hub for agronomists and seedsmen to provide efficient access to crop information.

Coming Soon
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VT4PRO with RNAI Technology

UX Design

Product Strategy

Introducing a new crop protection product to alert and inform farmers of future capabilities and drive interest in the innovative chemical trait.

Coming Soon

Product goals? Let's make it happen.

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