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UX Research & Strategy

Research provides a solid foundation for any design strategy. I take the time to learn and understand your business objectives, ask the right questions to empathize with your users, identify your competition, and strategically address the improvement opportunities along the way.

Research and strategy services may include: 

Market Research
User Interviews
Competitive Analysis
Survey Development
Focus Groups
A/B Testing

User Personas
Card Sorting
Heuristic Evaluation
Content Audit
Service Blueprint

Improving digital products across all industries.

TrueUX Design specializes in taking businesses through every stage necessary for their success, from product discovery to sustainment and future product improvements. For the highest ROI, I leverage your business vision along with customer goals to create the best possible solution.

Digital Product Design

Designing an intuitive and effective digital experience is my primary goal for your product. My approach is iterative and collaborative, meaning insights from your users and the business are the basis of my design decisions. I work to solve your design challenges and get your users a product they're excited to use.

Product Design services may include: 

Product Ideation
Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Wireframing & Flows


User Story Mapping
Interaction Design
Usability Testing
Responsive Design


Brand Identity

Your brand is your product's first impression to users. I'm here to help you positively stand out and visually resonate with your target audience. By conveying consistency across all digital touchpoints, your users will be left with a lasting impact that can shape their attitudes about your overall business and brand.

Brand identity services may include: 

Style Guides
Design Systems
UI Libraries
Logo Creation

Product Delivery
Landing Page Design
User Feedback Analysis
KPI & ROI Measurement


How I Can Help Your Business

Starting, sustaining, or growing? I'm here to help.

Design a new digital product
I utilize a user-focused approach that combines data, market research, user feedback, and my technological expertise to create features and products that are not only engaging and intuitive, but also maximize your return on investment and deliver measurable results.
Improve an existing product
Design is iterative even after your product has launched. That's why it's important to have an open feedback loop with users to understand future needs and improvement areas. I gather user input along with your business objectives and limitations to develop new features or redesign existing ones that will help your business grow.
Test a new concept
Before starting development on something new and spending resources, it's always better to perform research and test a prototype with real users. I can help you save both time and money by conducting research and testing your product to ensure it solves an actual problem and can meet user needs. 
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Product goals? Let's make it happen.

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